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how to make green tea

How to make green tea

How to Make Green Tea – A Recipe For Perfect Taste – Part I

Hello Readers,

The reason you arrived at the page is you probably want to leverage the many health benefits of organic green tea. Indeed green tea has been stealing the show in the global tea market since quite a long now. But surprisingly there is a huge flock of people in India who are still off to join this everyday-beverage-bandwagon. When confronted, most of them said they didn’t like the flavour or taste of green tea; however, In most cases, this bad taste of green tea is either due to wrong selection of tea quality or due to incorrect method of brewing it!

How to brew it the RIGHT way

While you can add a lot of ingredients to enhance flavours and add to the health benefits of green tea, in this post we will first see a recipe to plain green tea with no other additions.

Ingredients (For 1 Cup of Green Tea):

Method (For Arthealth green tea leaves):

  • Take a utensil; add one and half cup of drinking water into it
  • Let it steep for about 5 minute
  • Turn off the stove before the water reaches the 100 degree Celsius, the boiling temperature (you need not to wait till the hot bubble starts appearing in the water)
  • Add 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves into water
  • Let it steep for 1-2 minute; you can also close the utensil for perfect brewing
  • Filter green tea in a cup and enjoy the perfect taste!

Remember, if you let water reach boiling temperature or if you don’t turn off gas stove before adding green tea leaves into water, this could lead to bitter taste. The correct method is quite crucial in brewing the perfect cup of tea. If the water is too hot when you add green tea leaves into it, there are chances the tea may lose its natural aroma. Typically, it will take only 3-4 minutes at a moderate gas flame to warm water up to 75-80 degree Celsius, which is the most recommended temperature.

This is plain green tea recipe. However, you can add ginger, lemon, mint, tulsi, honey, cinnamon and many other ingredients to seek desired taste and health benefits. We will see some most popular flavour green tea recipes one by one in next posts. So, keep coming back to the page!

Take about 2-3 cups of green tea every day and it can help in sugar control, weight loss, blood pressure control, efficient digestion and keeps flus as well as infections away. On top of all, studies have proved green tea helps keep aging at bay! Green tea helps improve metabolism too, so those seeking to add some pounds can also bank on this all-good natural beverage.

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Dear Green Tea,

Whether I am completely exhausted of work or extremely happy with workout results, you are always there with me. You change my mood to good in cold morning and give me a pleasant feel in a rainy day. You boost my energy after hours of long work. Since the moment I met you first time, there is no single day you have skipped greeting me ‘Good Morning’.

Love always!