Who We Are

We are a young and fastest growing brand of best organic green tea. We are a leading retailer based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our green teas are handpicked from the best growers of Darjeeling and Dooars, every one offering the widest range of health benefits feasible. We make the most authentic and unique flavor of green tea travel from the field to your cup.

Every green tea product we sell ensure consistent quality. The Darjeeling region of West Bengal in India is tremendously popular for its finest quality of green tea grown in the region. Our Darjeeling and Dooars green teas yield a perfect blend of enchanting aroma and great flavor.

Although we source green tea from Darjeeling growers, we ensure a fresh and top quality stock year round. Once imported, we pack the products by hand. Our customer base includes individuals of all ages in the nationwide retail market of the country. It is our extensive research, experience and unmatched expertise in the field that makes us the best green tea vendor in the retail market of India.

Our Values

At ART, we are obsessed with every fine detail of green tea making and its 5000 years old traditions. We are passionate to expand our customers knowledge about green tea and its history. We have established close relationships with the growers and distributors, which enable us to offer higher quality green teas at the most competitive market rates.

We always strive to source and supply the finest quality of loose leaf green tea in India. We simply love drinking up green tea and we will make you enjoy having it too. We give utmost importance to quality of product and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our aim is to bring you the best quality of loose leaf green teas – a purely natural tea that can be best enjoyed in all seasons, any day, anytime of the year. Come, try our cup of green tea and redefine your loose leaf green tea experience!

The Green Tea Experience

Drinking up Arya Rejuvenate Tea isn’t just an experience, rather it’s a unique storey and experience of its own kind. Brew up the leaves and they will expand as you infuse them into the warm water. Our direct sourcing from growers ensure our green teas are of premium quality and fresh, offering an unforgettable “ART of Health” experience.

Why we sell Loose Leaf

You always wonder that how to reduce weight? Answer to question is our arthealth green tea. Unlike loose leaf green tea, the green tea found in most of the tea bags available out there comprises of smaller size of leaves, or more precisely said it is mostly dust; the tea bags are certainly easier to brew but they miss out on the subtle flavor, quality, longevity and aroma of loose leaf green tea like ART.

In fact, with our premium ART, you can even reuse the same leaves to get even more cups of a healthier and more flavourful tea. Additionally, tea bags release more tannins which gives more bitter taste than loose leaf green tea. If you still prefer to have the convenience of a tea bag without compromising on the rich flavour and quality of loose leaf tea, you can buy one of the tea filters and other accessories available in the market to use it with the loose leaf green tea.

Let’s start shopping for a richer flavour of green tea today!

Customer Relationship

With ART as your ultimate stop for the best quality loose leaf green teas, you are bound to enter the incredibly wonderful world of green tea knowledge and passion for this unceasingly innovative and delightful brew. Our green tea products best reflect the health attributes and enhance your quality environments.

Join us in building a nationwide community of green tea drinkers and creating useful resources for them is a primary job of ART. We give utmost importance to business ethics and quality, and thus source green tea only from certified organic trade. We heartily invite you to enjoy the top quality taste and purity of green teas we offer.

Our aim is to make you enjoy the best of green tea! Start shopping our green teas online today!