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customer review July 15 2015

I never knew benefits of green tea can be so intense. My gym instructor suggested me to consume green tea, which can lead to boost in vigorous stamina. Initially, I went to supermarket and got branded teabags. Though was bit expensive, I did not find it difference in my body even after completing whole 20 […]

Arjun Jadeja June 15 2015

Few days back, I have tried samples of the Arya Rejuvenata Green Tea. I was surprised by its aroma and quality. it is really good product as I have tried so many other green teas in the last 10 years, this was far, far better than others so I have ordered a large quantity for the […]

Devang-Barot June 15 2015

My name is Devang Barot and I can say with confidence that drinking arthealth green tea changed my life for the better. Before discovering this magic potion, I was lethargic, slow and lacked that vitality and zing in my life. I didn’t like to do anything but laze around. However, one of my friend noticed […]