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green-tea-review-1 June 15 2015

I am a gym instructor by profession and so it is likely that I know all weight loss and fitness related product available in the market. Believe me, many of them are outright dangerous. After all, there is no magic pill for getting to the perfect shape. I started with Arya Rejuvenate Tea a month […]

customer review December 05 2014

It’s totally appropriate for a morning wakeup call. It’s very refreshing. The taste too is good. I liked the way leaves get brewed up. I also enjoy drinking ART green tea in evening. I bought it mainly for weight loss, however I also find green tea quite helpful in hair loss and skin nourishment. I […]

green tea review January 22 2015

5 star. It’s really awesome, I take it every morning before workout, it really gives lot of energy. And best part is that this tea is 100% organic one it makes me feel rejuvenate and full of energy.