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Types of green tea

Get over the blues with green tea

Become blues with green tea. Nothing is more refreshing than a cup of tea in your hands in the morning that makes you fresh and alert for the entire day and also supplements your health in a beneficial manner. Studies have suggested that ancient people in the east knew the benefits of tea from the very beginning and that is why drinking tea has been imbibed in their culture. However, with a variety to choose from, which tea is the best? The trend of drinking green tea is catching on in the West and this has got the benefits of its own. Apart from the antioxidants, there is something else that green tea can boast of. It contains a substance known as catechins that are responsible for a variety of benefits that green tea has. Green tea is also known to be better than black tea as far as deriving health benefits are concerned and let us see how. Unfortunately, these catechins are mostly oxidized into theaflavins and thearubigens during the manufacture of black tea. Hence, drinking of black tea over green tea is not recommended.

Green tea is known to promote mental health and alertness. It is a soothing remedy for curbing anxiety, stress and even for depression. The risk of neurological disorders like the Alzheimer’s disease is also reduced if one takes green tea regularly. Green tea also contains powerful substances known as antioxidants that fight free radicals and help promote anti-ageing chemicals in our body. They are also anti-cancer agents and green tea also lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in our body. Drinking green tea regularly is also known to promote youthful skin due to its high vitamin C content coupled with powerful antioxidants. Drinking green tea also prevents common skin problems like eczema.

The benefits of drinking green tea regularly don’t just end here. Drinking green tea is known to promote weight loss. This is excellent news for those of you who are fitness enthusiasts and want to keep their body in shape. Besides acting as a weight loss supplement, green tea is also known to promote digestion and help stop vomiting, nausea, motion sickness, indigestion and acidity. If you are the one who is aiming for good health then drinking green tea is the best bet since it is known to boost our immunity as well. Green tea is also known to cleanse the liver and stimulate bile production, and aid in the recovery from high blood pressure and diabetes.

With such plethora of benefits, there is no doubt that for maintaining all round health and fitness, drinking green tea regularly is the key. It not only freshens you up, but also provides your body with wholesome dose of antioxidants that help us in the ways as described above. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cup of green tea and shop for the best quality green tea only at arthealth now and smile away to good health and glory.

reason to drink green tea

16 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Unquestionably, Green tea has become an immensely popular drink all across the world, all thanks to its numerous health benefits derived by its different nutrients and antioxidants. Weight loss, hair fall control, sugar control and lowered risk of cancer are health benefits of green tea to name a few. Besides its wide pool of health attributes, green tea is great in taste, aroma and flavours too.

If you are still not drinking minimum a cup of green tea every day, you are truly missing on a big opportunity for the complete health and wellness of your body and mind. Still not convinced?

Here are top 16 reasons to drink green tea regularly now.

  1. Prevents Cancer
    Many medical researches and studies have proved that green tea helps eliminate the risk of cancer. The antioxidants present in loose leaf green tea are 100 times stronger than Vitamin C and 25 times more effective than Vitamin E. This characteristic enable your body to prevent cells from radicals that can lead to cancer.
  2. Saves from heart diseases
    Yes, drinking 2 or 3 cups of green tea every day prevent you from heart strokes and other heart diseases by considerably reducing the level of bad cholesterol. It also helps in fast recovery after heart attacks.
  3. An anti-aging formula
    Green tea leaves comprise of antioxidants called polyphenols which have been proved to prevent free radicals entering your skin cells. In a layman language, it fights aging process and increase longevity.
  4. A natural recipe for weight loss
    Green tea helps burn extra fat by improving the metabolism of your body. In fact, you can burn up to 70 calories in one day and considerably reduce weight.
  5. Gives healthy skin
    The antioxidants present in green tea protect the skin from the negative impacts of free radicals – which are responsible for skin aging and wrinkles. They also help avoid the risk of skin cancer.
  6. Avoids risk of Arthritis
    Taking green tea regularly can also help you prevent or eliminate the risk of rheumatoid arthritis by fighting against the enzyme that can cause damage to your cartilage.
  7. Makes your bones stronger
    The high fluoride content available in green tea improve the bone density and make bones stronger.
  8. Reduces cholesterol
    Indeed green tea helps reduce the bad cholesterol level and improve good cholesterol in your body.
  9. Fights Obesity
    If you are doing some physical exercise and drinking green tea regularly, it is rare that you can become a victim of obesity. Green tea stops glucose turning into fat cells.
  10. saviour for diabetic
    Green tea elements enhance the glucose and lipid metabolism, which save your body from fast increase in blood sugar level. It also maintain the metabolism rate of your body to standard. As we know, the blood sugar is tend to increase as you grow older. But green tea slower the rate and prevent risk of diabetes.
  11. Helps in Alzheimer
    While there is no 100% cure for Alzheimer, green tea helps restrict the process of acetylcholine reduction that ultimately lead to Alzheimer. Simply put, it helps increase your memory power.
  12. Prevents High Blood Pressure
    Certainly having green tea every day controls your blood pressure to the standard by repressing angiotensin.
  13. Certainly having green tea every day controls your blood pressure to the standard by repressing angiotensin.
    Green tea contains chemicals called Polyphenols and flavonoids, which enhance your immune system and enable it to fight against various infections more effectively; meaning green tea also help you prevent cold, flue and many other diseases. It also helps cure cold.
  14. Prevents Tooth Decay
    Green tea razes harmful virus and bacteria that may cause dental problems like bad breath, tooth loosening, tooth decay and tooth loss.
  15. Gives a stress-free life!
    Living a stressful life? L-theanine in green tea has proved to be quite effective in reducing
    stress and anxiety.
  16. Stop the spread of HIV
    A research conducted by some scientists of Japan has revealed that green tea contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), which can be of great help in stopping HIV from binding to healthy immune cells – meaning drinking green tea can help prevent spread of HIV virus too.

On top of all, green tea also helps prevent food poisoning, liver diseases, high severity of asthma, herpes, ear infection, and allergies.