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With Monsoon Coming, Follow these 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

You might have enjoyed ice creams, ice golas, sugar cane juice, lassi and many other cold beverages during the summer. But now that summer is over, it’s time to say a temporary goodbye to these yummy delights and focus on preparing your body for the rainy season.

Accumulation of contaminated water due to consistent rain and humidity in the air support fast growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. And this is why doctors see more cases of cold, flu and other illness in monsoon season than other parts of the year.

While there is no formula that can guarantee you 100% protection from illness this rainy season, there are several habits or health tips that can surely help you lower the risk considerably and help you stay healthy in and after rainy days.

5 Habits to keep you healthy this monsoon

Prefer drinking hot soups and other hot beverages: Hot soups and drinks will support your body avoiding sudden, extreme change in the temperature. They will make you feel warm from within.

Drink ample amount of water: You will feel less thirsty in monsoon days, but don’t reduce your daily intake of water this season. Drink lots of water so your body will automatically drain out the toxins.

Wash your hands often during the day: Medical studies reveal that one of the most common ways to contract the viruses or a cold is by having dirty hands. In rainy days, the chances of cold getting worse are even higher. So, it is wise to keep your hands clean always. Wash them frequently and carry a hand sanitizer with you wherever you go.

Make sure you drink clean water: Water-borne diseases like cholera and amoebiasis are common in monsoon. Thus, it is more important to be watchful of drinking pure water and stay away from sources of contaminated or dirty water. If you don’t have a good purifier at home, boil the water to make it germ-free!

Have Green Tea: The whole world is now aware of the many health and wellness benefits of green tea. Take a cup or two of green tea every day and it will help you avoid cold, flu and other diseases. It will also help clean toxic out of your body. Add some fresh drops of lemon juice to more enjoyable and beneficial!

Stop touching your face: Touching your face with the hands often can allow a cold virus to enter the body. So, now you know why you should prevent your hands touching the face!

Intake Vegetables and Fruits: Eating fresh vegetables and fruits will help pacify the signs of flu and cold in this rainy season. A good dose of vitamin C can help activate antibodies and fight the diseases.

Given some care to your body and adapting to these good habits mentioned above, you can avoid sick and make the most of these romantic rainy days!

Happy monsoon dear readers!