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A Green Tea Recipe For Winter Season

As worldwide known today, green tea isn’t just a drink but a health remedy. Green tea provides you with a perfect and easier way to leverage the health benefits of organic tea leaves. Though preparing a cup of green tea in the most conventional way delivers a relaxing experience, making your own blend for cold days of winter will add more to its magical experience and to your physical wellness.

Our Darjeeling grown ART green tea leaves contain polyphenols – rich antioxidants that can help our body with improved immunity by removing free radicals. Drinking a cup or more of our ART teas also prevent teeth and gums from harmful bacteria. It also save your stomach from gastric ulcers.
In addition, green tea contains L-thenine, a substance that helps in relieving stress and feeling relaxed. It has a considerable amount of caffeine too, which boosts your energy level. In short, green tea is a gift of nature. Enjoy it to the fullest folks!
Here is a green tea recipe for winter season

Green Tea Winter Punch

Serving – 1
• 2 teaspoon of ART green tea leaves
• 1 cup of drinking water
• 1-inch piece ginger (or more as per your taste), peeled or chopped
• ½ lemon
• 1 teaspoon honey, or more to taste

green tea-lemon-honey






• Boil water in a small vessel or pot over medium heat
• Add honey and ginger
• Turn off the stove and add 1-2 drops of lemon juice
• Filter the tea and strain it in a mug
Want to check out nutrition value of your cup? Read on

Health benefit of green tea
Nutrition For 1 serving (% value)
• Calories – 42
• Fat – 0.2 g (0.3%)
• Saturated – 0 g (0.2%)
• Carbs – 11.3 g (3.8%)
• Fiber – 1.1 g (4.5%)
• Sugars – 6.9 g
• Protein – 0.6 g (1.2%)
• Sodium – 12.3 mg (0.5%)
Taking a cup or two of this winter-special green tea on a daily basis will prevent you from flu, cold, and many other health hazards in the most natural way.
Enjoy your winter-special cup of ART green tea!