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Revealed: An Easy Yet Effective Way to Lose Weight

If you have already made enough attempts to lose some kgs of your weight but failed to get expected results, this post has brought you a can’t-fail idea for losing weight. And what will appeal you most about this weight losing technique is that it won’t need any rigorous physical exercise or quite a strict diet. Instead, there is an easier way to reach your healthy weight. Wondering how? Well, you just need to adapt to a healthy daily routine. Continue reading to learn more.

Now say goodbye to crash diets or don’t be scared of sweating exercises. I have got a plan that will surely help you lose some kilos in the easiest manner possible. Incorporating some healthy habits to your everyday life will help you meet your goal.

While it makes sense that you may not be able to change your routine entirely in one go, it is wise to break down all habits in some group and begin with adapting to them one-by-one. Watch out on what you eat and drink. Though you will not see results overnight, a change in lifestyle is sure to work over time helping you lose a significant amount of weight.

Find healthy alternatives of not-so-healthy food

To begin with the lifestyle transformation, first look for some new foods to add to your daily intake. You can keep changing the foods’ list on a weekly or monthly basis. Make moderate use of spices to cook new dishes in different manners. Do some homework to find a healthy replacement for your beloved unhealthy food items. When craving is so strong, you can still have a small quantity of your favorite not-so-healthy food once in a while.

Plan your meals

Wake up early, have some real healthy breakfast followed by three sumptuous meals at some fixed hours during the day. To those who witness constant hunger between the meals are recommended to take 5-6 meals in smaller quantities throughout the day. Organizing and optimizing time for meals will enable you to find some time for regular exercise too.

In these busy lifestyle, if you aren’t able to spare time for physical exercise then I suggest you be more active throughout the day – walk whenever possible and ensure a real good number of physical movements all day long.

Exercise Regularly

For those short on time can resort to long workout sessions on a weekly basis, but fitness experts mostly recommend 20-30-minute exercise sessions every day. Regular exercising is a sure result way to tone up your body and reach the ideal weight. You can choose from many different types of exercises such as aerobics, power yoga, dancing, running, playing, skipping and walking.

What’s more, drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day to ensure optimal results from all above weight loss solutions. Drinking quality green tea, every day will improve your metabolism and help cut down on unhealthy weight more easily and quickly.

To wrap up, reaching that ideal healthy weight isn’t really that challenging as it may seem to you in the present. Adapt to a healthy routine, drink 3-4 cups of green tea, spare 20-30 minutes for some physical exercise regularly and you succeed in your weight loss agenda.

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Types of green tea

Get over the blues with green tea

Become blues with green tea. Nothing is more refreshing than a cup of tea in your hands in the morning that makes you fresh and alert for the entire day and also supplements your health in a beneficial manner. Studies have suggested that ancient people in the east knew the benefits of tea from the very beginning and that is why drinking tea has been imbibed in their culture. However, with a variety to choose from, which tea is the best? The trend of drinking green tea is catching on in the West and this has got the benefits of its own. Apart from the antioxidants, there is something else that green tea can boast of. It contains a substance known as catechins that are responsible for a variety of benefits that green tea has. Green tea is also known to be better than black tea as far as deriving health benefits are concerned and let us see how. Unfortunately, these catechins are mostly oxidized into theaflavins and thearubigens during the manufacture of black tea. Hence, drinking of black tea over green tea is not recommended.

Green tea is known to promote mental health and alertness. It is a soothing remedy for curbing anxiety, stress and even for depression. The risk of neurological disorders like the Alzheimer’s disease is also reduced if one takes green tea regularly. Green tea also contains powerful substances known as antioxidants that fight free radicals and help promote anti-ageing chemicals in our body. They are also anti-cancer agents and green tea also lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in our body. Drinking green tea regularly is also known to promote youthful skin due to its high vitamin C content coupled with powerful antioxidants. Drinking green tea also prevents common skin problems like eczema.

The benefits of drinking green tea regularly don’t just end here. Drinking green tea is known to promote weight loss. This is excellent news for those of you who are fitness enthusiasts and want to keep their body in shape. Besides acting as a weight loss supplement, green tea is also known to promote digestion and help stop vomiting, nausea, motion sickness, indigestion and acidity. If you are the one who is aiming for good health then drinking green tea is the best bet since it is known to boost our immunity as well. Green tea is also known to cleanse the liver and stimulate bile production, and aid in the recovery from high blood pressure and diabetes.

With such plethora of benefits, there is no doubt that for maintaining all round health and fitness, drinking green tea regularly is the key. It not only freshens you up, but also provides your body with wholesome dose of antioxidants that help us in the ways as described above. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cup of green tea and shop for the best quality green tea only at arthealth now and smile away to good health and glory.